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Ideazon Fragmat Review

Value and Conclusion

  • The Ideazon Fragmat comes with a price tag of $14.99 US Dollars and can be purchased through the company's on-line store.
  • Good price
  • Good size compromise - should fit high and mid sensitivity gamers
  • Should last much longer than cloth pads
  • Very thin
  • Smooth & resistant surface
  • Different themes available
  • Grip to table could be better
  • May be to small for low sensitivity gamers
  • Package very simple
The Ideazon Fragmat is a very durable pad. It combines a hard, plastic surface with a thin rubber layer to hold it in place. The underlining does not have any specific structure and does not sit all that well on the table. The pad surface feels very smooth and features a very fine texture. The only gamers who may not find what they are looking for are die-hard cloth pad users and low sensitivity gamers. Nonetheless, Ideazon has created a very balanced pad which gives you a good compromise between speed and accuracy, while making it just big enough for mid sensitivity gamers. The Fragmat can be considered an "all around" mouse pad, which should be a good choice for the majority of gamers out there.