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Ikonik Ra X10 SIM Review

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The Package of the Ra X10 is quite simple, but I would still consider it effective from a marketing standpoint. The front shows you an image of the actual case, along with the company name and model number. The rear goes into much greater detail about each feature using snapshots. Ikonik has chosen to use very few words, but manages to convey the many unique aspects of the case nicely. The side of the package will let you know if you are grabbing a black or silver case with or without the SIM unit. As you can see, we got the black one with the System Intelligent Module. The other side lists the specifications of the case in multiple languages.


Ikonik has chosen to secure the case with foam spacers. These will survive a fall, while Styrofoam would crush and not regain its original shape. Some of the contents have been placed in one of these foam spacers. There is a set of Plexiglas windows, a 3.5 inch bay cover to fit the appropriate device into a 5.25 inch bay, a SIM software CD, a manual and an IO cover. Within the case you will find the usual set of screws, temperature diodes, an USB cable to route the signal to an external plug, a cleaning cloth and a pair of keys for the two locks.
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