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IKONIK Vulcan 1200W PSU Review

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A large On/Off switch can be found on the back. It's also illuminated, so it will be easy to find on the back of your PC even in a dark room.

IKONIK has chosen to go with a hybrid modular design. The most popular connectors are fixed to the PSU which allows optimum voltage delivery. The switch you see in the top right corner is used to control the integrated LED lighting.

On the side you find a high quality, embossed IKONIK logo - certainly a nice touch for case modders.

A single 140 mm fan keeps the unit cool.

The motherboard connector is implemented as a 20+4 solution. The extra four pins are attached using a clip-on system which is the best choice in my opinion because it is easy to attach to the main connector and stays that way so you won't have to press together the connector when installing it.

The same goes for the 12V CPU power connector. It can be clipped together for 8-pin motherboards.
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