Ikonik Zaria A20 ATX Case with SIM Review 8

Ikonik Zaria A20 ATX Case with SIM Review

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I would like to thank Ikonik for supplying the review sample.

Some of you may be wondering about the Ikonik brand. The company has made it their goal to offer unique cases in their own design with some very unique features. This has turned quite a bit of heads and they made a big splash at the Computex 2008. Their case line-up may not be big in numbers, but is certainly quite diverse, offering something for everyone.

They have a nice paragraph about their vision on their "Company Profile" page:
Our mission is to become a mature and sophisticated player in the IT-market, driving people and products to its upmost capabilities. The strategy aims at the growth of the company by focusing in the areas of integrating PC and technology into everyday lifestyle, with a certain panache. Technology no longer needs to be an entity that only certain trained people can excel, in, technology is compatible with everyday life. Ikonik Technology uses design to ensure people not only use a computer product, but uses a smart looking product too. We want to bring something new in everything what we do. We want to distinguish our self in design, performance and marketing.
We have the pleasure of taking a look at the Ikonik Zaria A20 with SIM module. The Zaria series currently consists of two cases, the A10 and A20. Both have a completely different design. SIM, on the other hand, stands for System Intelligent Management. Before I try to describe it, let me quote Ikonik on this unit:
he concept of thermal solution is not new, however SIM brings something new for PC enthusiasts. The difference with IKONIK and other existing solution is the independency of SIM. Taking into consideration the number of brands available nowaways, SIM is compatible with all industries available platforms. So users do not have to consider changing SIM when they change a new mainboard or graphics card. When you change your components all you have to do is reconnect the heat sensors and users can continue using the advantages of SIM. Monitoring the temperature of components of users preference and adjusting the fan speed will optimize the PC performance
The Ikonik A20 is available in two colors: black or silver. We have the black one on our test bench today.


Model:Ikonik Zaria A20 with SIM
Case Type:Mid tower
Materials:Aluminum & Plastic Front, Steel Interior
Dimensions (W x H x D):200 x 440 x 491mm
Color:Black or Silver
Cooling System:1 x 120 mm front / 1 x 120 mm rear / 2 x 80 mm side / optional 120 mm bottom
Motherboards:ATX, µATX, CEB
Drive Bays:5.25" External Drive Bay - 4
3.5" External Drive Bay - 1
3.5" Internal Drive Bay - 5
Front I/O:one eSATA (optional) / dual USB 2.0 (optional) / one IEEE 1394 (optional) / one audio set
Expansion Slots:7
Weight:9.3 kg
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