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In Win has decided to package the Allure in an all white box with the same floral design you will find on the chassis itself. The fact that this is a special edition is also clearly marked on both sides of the package. There are no holes to grab unto and the entire package is actually shrink wrapped in plastic. This layer was removed to be able to take a proper photograph.

Upon opening up the top of the heavy duty cardboard package, we are greeted by a white booklet with an extruded "Allure" tag on it. This is barely visible as it does not cast much of a shadow. The chassis itself is held in place by two thick Styrofoam spacers and a high quality cloth bag. Certainly a nice touch on In Win's part.


The small, flat box which holds the contents can be flipped open. It hides an old school book mark with a matching design and additional Swarovski crystals. You may put these aside if one of the attached falls off, or use them to add a personal touch to the Allure.

In Win has included the bare minimum of screws. While theses should suffice if you install a single drive and use the locking mechanisms for the optical drive and expansion cards, those wanting to use screws everywhere will have to dig into their stash or acquire them somewhere else. A power cable is also included, even though the Allure does not ship with a PSU. The cable is angled at 90 degrees to allow for routing behind the rear cover of the chassis.
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