In Win AMMO 2.5 inch RFID Enclosure 3

In Win AMMO 2.5 inch RFID Enclosure

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The Ammo ships in a very compact cardboard box. In Win has decided to keep things simple and use a single color to create text and fonts on the box. You will not find a lot of information on the front besides the name and what type of device you are looking at, while the rear goes into detail as far as the features and specifications are concerned. The outer shell slides off to give way to a plain brown carboard box, in which the AMMO has been secured in a cut out of the same material.


A small screw driver is needed to gain access to the interior of the enclosure. In Win includes this tool along with two types of RFID chips. One consists of dog tags while the other is a simple key chain. An USB cable with two USB 2.0 plugs and a manual round up the package.
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