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In Win Commander III 600 W Review

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The package features the image of a fox since the PSU is nicknamed desert fox. In the bottom, left corner, we find three badges for the 80 Plus Gold efficiency, the five-year warranty, and Nvidia's SLI certification. Some of the unit's most crucial features, like its modular cabling design, the 105 °C caps, and its four +12V rails, are listed right next to the badges. There is also a top handle to help you carry the box around.

The sides hold information about the unit's weight, the country it was made in (China of course), and a series of badges describing the PSU's most interesting features.

On the rear is an extended features description list with an outline of all available connectors. Unfortunately, there is no mention of cable length.


Two pieces of packing foam surround the unit and provide adequate protection. The PSU is also wrapped in a plastic bag, which offers some additional protection against scratches.

The rest of the bundle includes the AC power cord (EU type in our case), a set of fixing bolts along with some Velcro straps, a user's manual, and the modular cables. Unfortunately, In Win doesn't provide a storage pouch for its modular cables, but you will probably use most of them given there aren't very many of them.


The finish is of a pale, sandy-brown color; it gives the new Commander a new and unique look. On its sides are an illustration of a fox and the "desert fox" phrase. "Desert fox" was also German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's nickname and the name of the operational bombing of Iraq in 1998. The omnipresent honeycomb-style vent is used on the front, and a well-placed on/off switch can be found next to the AC receptacle. On the rear, we find several sockets for the modular cables and the PSU's native cables that are fully sleeved all the way back into the casing. There is also a grommet around the cable-exit hole. The specifications label is installed on the bottom side of the PSU, while the usual octagonal fan-grill, with a nice IN Win badge at its center, can be found on the other side. All in all, the PSU does feature a nice look that will easily stand out amongst other PSUs because of its sandy-brown finish.
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