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The In Win D-Frame ships in a huge, wide box. With a primarily black backdrop, the front only has the name and a single image of this unique case. Turning the massive box around, there is even less information present here. You will find the specifications on one side and which color variant is within the package, orange/blue or red/black, on the other.

Buyers need to assemble the chassis themselves, which is why In Win had to figure out a proper way to ship the parts. The package contains one big block of foam with various cutouts for each part. You have to drop the box on its side and pull the inner block out by grabbing the handle.


The numerous parts may be quite daunting at first, as you look at them spread out on the table. They took up the entire area of my workshop—right where I take pictures. You also receive a cardboard box full of all the smaller parts you need to assemble the D-Frame. All of them are clearly labeled. You should have no issues putting everything in place properly by following the provided instructions.

In Win also includes the tools necessary for the assembly process, which is a nice touch. On top of that, there is a bag full of perfectly sorted screws and bits that are required to fill the chassis once it has been assembled.
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