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The GD case has been packed in a box full of colour. The front shows a picture of the case in the foreground and a large image of the VGA turbo cooling solution in the background. The other side has the same image of the case but the background has been replaced with a robot to symbolize the “robotic/futuristic” theme of the case. The sides display the full specifications of the chassis and provide cut outs to carry it around.

The GD has been placed between two Styrofoam spacers for protection. A plastic bag further protects the case from scratches.


In Win have included two small packages of accessories. One contains the manual whilst the other contains all necessary equipment to install hardware within the case. You get your standard set of screws and a 3-pin fan connection to four pin molex connection adapter. Also included is a bunch of steel PCI slot covers. I initially thought these were given as spares, but later found out these are the actual covers for the case.
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