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The PSU comes in a plain carton box which is, according to In Win, 100% recyclable. We find the series description, along with the unit's capacity, on the front. We meet the 80 Plus Bronze and three year warranty badge near the left top-corner. On the bottom, we find some interesting info about the unit including the DC-DC converters it utilizes, the Japanese bulk (or hold-up) capacitor, and the strict voltage regulation, which is, at a stated 5%, just within the normal range of the ATX spec and nothing extraordinary.

On the sides of the box, we get the PSU's weight and learn that this product was designed to protect the environment: a heavy statement for a Bronze PSU that dissipates much more energy and heat than a Gold or Platinum efficiency PSU.

At the rear of the box, we get a brief features description along with the power specifications table.


Inside the box, we find some more eco-friendly packaging material with the only notable exception being the plastic bag that holds the PSU. Plastic is definitely not an environmentally friendly product, so an organic bag should be used instead. Inside the box, we find an AC power cord besides the PSU, a user's manual, a set of fixing bolts, and some Velcro straps.


The white paint job looks nice and makes us wonder why there are only a few white PSUs on the market even though getting a white chassis is not a problem. Apparently, most manufacturers still think that dark colors are more suitable to PSU products. Going back to our review sample again, we notice the classic honeycomb exhaust grill and a useful on/off switch next to the AC receptacle. The specifications label resides on one of the two sides. At the rear, all native cables are fully sleeved, and a grommet is installed around the cable exit-hole to provide adequate protection against sharp edges. Finally, the fan grill, although it utilizes a plain design, has a nice badge on its center-piece, matching the white color of the PSU well.
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