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In Win GreenMe 750 W Review

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The unit comes in a carton box that is 100% recyclable. In green-colored font on the front are the series and model description, a scheme of the PSU, and the 80 Plus Bronze badge. The three year warranty icon resides next to the 80 Plus badge, and near the bottom-right corner, In Win states that the DC-DC converters utilize 105°C capacitors.

A label on this side gives the unit's model number and net weight, and its manufacturing country. This unit was manufactured in China.

A bit of text on the side states that In Win's primary goal while designing these units was to protect the environment, which is good to know. We are pretty sure that many upcoming buyers will appreciate In Win's Green policy.

At the rear of the package are a brief features description and the power specifications table. The label on top mentions that $1 will be donated to WWF for every GreenMe PSU sold. This is a nice move from In Win, and other companies will hopefully do the same in the future.


The packaging materials inside the box are eco-friendly as well, with a plastic bag that stores the PSU creating the only dissonance. In Win should use an organic bag because plastic is everything but eco-friendly.

The bundle is stored in a small carton box and includes an AC power cord, a user's manual, and some Velcro straps.


The white finish looks good and matches In Win's logo on the fan grill well. The front of the PSU has the classic honeycomb-style grill and useful on/off switch. One of the two sides hosts the specifications label, and a grommet at the rear protects the fully sleeved cables from the enclosure's sharper edges around the cable-exit hole. The last photos are of the warranty sticker we will tamper with to show you the PSU's internals.

The dimensions of the unit are pretty compact. The unit is only 140 mm long, so the GreenMe-750 will easily fit into every ATX chassis.

All cables are native and fully sleeved back into the housing. They are not stealth, which is not that important in this category.
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