In Win H-Frame 43

In Win H-Frame

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Value & Conclusion

  • The In Win can be had for around 295 GBP including taxes at Overclockers UK, which will translate to a price of around 370 Euro. US readers should see the case retail at around 400 USD excluding taxes.
  • Incredibly cool looking chassis
  • Unique "open air" approach
  • Excellent quality
  • All aluminum
  • Hot-Swap bays for all hard drives
  • 2.5" or 3.5" hard drives possible
  • USB port on top
  • Angled ODD bay an excellent design choice
  • Hot-Swap bays include sleeved cables
  • Yellow and golden color accents a good choice
  • Price - unique design comes at a price
  • No fans included
  • Dust will enter freely
  • Noise not encapsulated
  • Only three 3.5" bays
  • You have to watch the height of your CPU cooler
  • Case cables of white/red color
In Win keeps true to their way of doing things by offering a crazy chassis like this. The In Win H-Frame is by no means a sensible chassis. It comes with an extremely high price tag, offers only basic features, and does not come with any fans. But, before you go ahead and say, "Well then, why would I ever consider this chassis?", let me mention that this is an awesome chassis because of its design. In the end, In Win is offering a case of excellent quality, with excellent hot-swap bays, use of aluminum throughout the case, and the ability to hold a high-end system with enough room for two long graphic cards. You will expect such functionality from a case with such a high price tag, but you will not buy this case because of its features, and purely because of its looks. The fact that In Win offers looks with the H-Frame, while still giving you all the tools to create a powerful system with enough hard-drive bays for most scenarios, makes this the most beautifully unreasonable case one can buy. Sure, you can go ahead and buy a coffee table made of wood from IKEA, or go for one made of a jet turbine costing one hundred times as much. In the end, both will do the job just fine, but nobody will remember that IKEA table.
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