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The package's design strictly follows the army theme and as background it uses the woodland camo color scheme. On the face of the box there is a small angled photo of the unit and the capacity, 750W, is highlighted with large yellow fonts. Right below the capacity description we find a reference to the Japanese capacitors used and to the strict voltage regulation of 5%. Actually, according to ATX spec, a PSU is required to keep all of its rails within 5% range so when a manufacturer refers to strict/tight voltage regulation we expect to see under 3% deviation on all rails. On the rear of the box we find more comprehensive information about the unit's features, specifications, DC output and there is also a description of the available cables/connectors. Finally, in order to help you move around the box more easily there is a carrying handle on the top.


Once we opened the box we found the user's manual and a nylon bag in which you can store the unused modular cables. The PSU is totally protected by packing foam and on top of that is wrapped in plastic, so its camouflage color won't suffer any damage during transportation. The bundle is quite rich and besides the above mentioned nylon bag and the user's manual it includes six Velcro ties, a set of fixing bolts, an AC power cord and the modular cables.


The dark green finish looks quite resistant to scratches and it's finger proof. On both sides there are ventilation holes and in the front we meet a honeycomb design exhaust grill and an On/Off switch. On the rear the modular panel has six sockets, two 8-pin for the PCIe cables and four 6-pin for the peripheral ones. The native cables are full sleeved back into the housing and the cable exit hole is covered by a grommet. The power specifications label is placed on the bottom of the unit and on it we find another military reference, the scheme of a wire fence right under model description.
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