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In Win NA eSATA & USB Enclosure Review

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In Win packs the NA in a plain cardboard box with red print on it. The design, even though very minimalistic, fits perfectly with the asian inspired design of the hard drive enclosure. The top holds an image of the porcelain plate, so you know which one of the designs you are getting, while the rear lists its features and specifications.

Both sides do not hold a lot of usable information, just the connectivity the enclosure provides - USB 2.0 and eSATA. You will also find two stickers with the part number and serial number on one side.

Due to the fragile nature of the porcelain plate, it is held in place by an elaborate cardboard contraption, with the actual enclosure placed below it.


You will also receive a manual to aid in installation and a seperate sheet to let you know, that In Win will not warrant the porcelain plate in any way. So if you break it, be prepared to place unit itself somewhere in shame.

Besides the paper work, you also get a very short eSATA and a normal USB 2.0 cable. The power brick is fairly compact and is made by "Asian Power Devices Inc.". The unit is rated for 2A, which is four times more than any USB 2.0 connector can supply.
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