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In Win X-Fighter & Commander 750 W Review

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The In Win X-Fighter ships in a full color cardboard box. The front and back both show the chassis. The rear image gives you an insight into the case along with a few snapshots of a few features. There is no text explaining these, so some buyers may be a bit confused at first. For those wondering, In Win directly references the X-Fighter to Star Wars on their product page:
Like any great Star Wars epic, the X-Fighter is designed after spacecrafts from the films donning hard steel, geometric lines, and brilliant lighting effects. From the top you’ll notice an easy access to the USB, FireWire, and audio interfaces; making for smooth sailing across the gaming galaxy. Exclusively from In Win are the adjustable thermal exhaust vents that provide for fast and easy cooling throughout the X-Fighter; suited to your needs.

Both sides of the package hold all the more important information. One side lists the specifications of the chassis, while the other goes into some detail about the X-Fighter case.

In Win has chosen to sandwich the enclosure in thick foam spacers. These are quite large and should survive a fall, which is more than can be said for Styrofoam spacers. A thick plastic bag further protects the case from scratches.


Within the package, you will find a single bag with covers for six of the seven expansion slots, the minimum number of screws and an adapter to connect a fan directly to the Molex connector of your PSU. In Win includes a screw-less system for pretty much everything, so you will not need a lot of screws to hold things in place. A manual goes into great detail about installation - making things easy for first time builders.
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