Intel Core i7-4790 (Haswell Refresh) 10

Intel Core i7-4790 (Haswell Refresh)

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"Haswell" CPU Features

New motherboards fresh on store shelves sport support for Intel's Z97 chipset, and the older Z87 boards support these new Haswell CPUs, with the i7-4790 being Intel's current "top dog" offering.

Since these chips use exactly the same technologies as previously released Haswell CPUs that launched in June 2013 and because we covered general CPU performance from a variety of angles upon the release of Haswell, I will do you a favor by simply linking to those reviews instead of regurgitating everything. The first review covers iGPU performance, and we also published another separate article that covers CPU performance. You can find my general overclocking guide here.

If you are a hardcore enthusiast like myself, you will wait for Intel's Devil's Canyon CPUs slated to be released later this year. I do not have any other details on those CPUs as of yet, other than what is already out there in the public domain.
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