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Intel NUC DC3217IYE (Next Unit of Computing) Review

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The NUC ships inside a fully colored cardboard package with strong company colors that scream Intel. An image of the system has been placed on the front, and the rear goes into a bit of detail about how the unit ticks. Intel has also hidden a little PCB within the box. It acts like the sound chip in a greeting card, making Intel's jingle play as soon as you open the package, which is actually quite funny while also showing the lengths to which the company goes in communicating the brand.


As this is pretty much a full system, you will not get a lot of extras. You will get the NUC, a compact power brick made by FSP, and a metal mounting plate to attach the NUC to the back of a display through the VESA 100 screw holes. Intel interestingly enough does not ship the unit with a power cable, so you will have to buy that yourself. This is pretty weird as you can cover most of the market with just two or three different cables.

The DC32171YE also comes with various manuals on top of the functional extras, and a Core i3 Sticker.
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