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KFA² GeForce GTX 650 EX OC 1 GB Review

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A Closer Look

When I first saw the "cleaning mode" text printed on the side of the cooler, I started looking for a button to turn it on. KFA² went with good old-school analog technology, using a cooler shroud that can be flipped up to enable easy access to the heatsink and fan. A simple design that works.

The cooler itself is of a pretty basic design without any copper or heatpipes. This is perfectly adequate as the GPU emits very little heat.

The card requires a single 6-pin PCI-Express connectors. This power configuration is good for up to 150 W of power draw.

The GDDR5 memory chips are made by Samsung and carry the model number K4G20325FD-FC04. They are specified to run at 1250 MHz (5000 MHz GDDR5 effective).

NVIDIA's GK107 graphics processor is the company's second Kepler GPU. It is, just like GK104, made on a 28 nanometer process at TSMC, Taiwan. We've seen it before on the GeFoce GT 640. The transistor count is 1.3 billion, and the size we measured is 118 mm².
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