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KRK Systems KNS 8400 Headphones Review

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The Package

KRK Systems ship their flagship headphones in a solid cardboard box. Although containing something as serious as a set of monitoring headphones the box is quite colorful.

For a company that is new to the headphone world they certainly did nail the bundle aspect at the first go. Packed with the KNS 8400s are the following items: carrying bag, cleaning cloth, cable extension with volume control.

Closer Examination

Design wise the KRK KNS 8400s look pretty ordinary, however, upon closer examination a few noteworthy details pop out.

Hidden by the big plastic covers is a metal head band and size adjustment mechanism. Even though it is made from metal it feels a bit wobbly, and they are definitely not the easiest headphones to get to fit right.

All KRK Systems headphones feature detachable cables. The implementation is really nice, instead of screw-on adapters, KRK Systems have opted for a bayonet type lock mechanism which works great.

The headband design works alright, but it has two distinct pressure points where the pads are thickest. It is not horrible like the AKG K701's ribbed headband, and the headphone's low weight means that they are quite comfortable to wear even over an extended period of time.

Everything about the cable seems well thought out. The mini-jack to 1/4" adapter is of the screw on type which feels solid even though the transition area is quite small.

KRK Systems ship the KNS 8400 with memory foam pads which are fantastically comfortable. The around the ear design coupled with these soft pads not only makes them comfortable, but it also adds some noise attenuation and probably boosts the bass response due to more effective sealing.

The volume control system is pretty basic, but it works well. It will undoubtedly develop some static over time, but the unit seems well sealed.
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