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KRK Systems Rokit 5 Active Speakers

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The Package

The Rokit 5s arrived in a large cardboard box. Inside, the speakers are well protected even though they weigh a lot for their size.

Bundle wise, the Rokit 5s are very basic. You only get a power cord and will have to buy the connectors separately. This is probably good for studios buying monitors, but a bit annoying for the average consumer. KRK Systems also makes a small and basic control box that would be a nice addition as part of an optional bundle.

Closer Examination

The Rokit 5s looks a bit mean. The design is very functional and geared towards studio use; however, they are equally usable with one's home PC.

One place where KRK Systems has not spared on anything is the speaker's connectivity. You get balanced and unbalanced connectors, and the speakers work as two completely separate units, unlike some active speakers that make you route cables from one to the other.

The front of the Rokit 5 speakers is simple. You can clearly see the Aramid (Kevlar type fiber material) membrane driver and the soft-dome tweeter. The design is very rugged and devoid of any sharp edges, which is nice.

The Aramid reinforced primary unit of the speakers is quite large at 5" (12.7 cm), especially considering the chassis it is mounted in. The front plate is neatly shaped and acts as a good waveguide, which is essential for this type of near-field speaker.

KRK Systems has, in order to decouple the speakers from the surface it is standing on, incorporated a large, natural rubber foam-base. While it works a bit better than conventional flat stands, there is quite a bit to be gained by elevating the speakers from one's desk and placing them on some speaker mounts. This will reduce the amount of unwanted reflections from the surface they are standing on.

The Rokit 5's front is curved and functional. Every curve and detail makes sense, and it is clear that the design is very performance focused.

The top of the Rokit 5s houses the soft dome tweeter.
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