Kennerton Audio Jimo In-ears Review 1

Kennerton Audio Jimo In-ears Review

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The Package

Kennerton Audio knows how to impress as the packaging is not only pretty but very functional.

Kennerton Audio is going after the big guys with the $335 Jimo, and the bundle matches their ambition. You get two different types of single-flange tips and a set of triple-flange tips I am sure many Etymotic fans will love.

Any set of high-end in-ears deserves a carrying case, and Kennerton delivers. You get a clamshell-type case with a totally decent zipper.

With the Jimo, you also get two different types of shirt clips. These require that you put some effort into conveniently positioning and securing the cable.

Closer Examination

The earpieces for the Jimo are simply beautiful. Their construction is simple and looks very sleek, and they feel incredibly sturdy even though a very small coaxial-type cable is used. Despite housing two drivers, their enclosures are very slim, which is probably due to the smart driver arrangement Kennerton uses with this dual-driver in-ear.

The tip adapter is totally standard as it allows you to run most of the quality aftermarket tips with it, including the Comply S400s, for instance.

When it comes to cables, there are a lot of different designs out there, but Kennerton managed to implement their own variation. The outer cable jacket is made of a soft silicone-like polymer, and on the inside, the cables are twisted. Such cables perform surprisingly well in terms of microphonics as their only downside is that they have a lot of shape memory compared to their gauge.
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