Kennerton Audio Laguz In-ears Review 3

Kennerton Audio Laguz In-ears Review

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The Package

Kennerton ships the Legauz is a very well-padded, stylish box. The bundle is pretty simple for these in-ears. You just get a clam-shell and S/M/L-sized ear silicone ear tips.

One of the funkier design choices on the Laguz is the braided black and white cable. It makes it very easy to distinguish between the left and the right, but is perhaps not the most stylish design.

The carrying case is the same as the one Kennerton Audio ships with the Jimo. It works well, adding a little protection while on the go.

Closer Examination

The small aluminum ear pieces look really great and a bit spacey. The strain relief is on an angled plate and the cable is clearly visible all the way up and into the ear piece.

The cable designers went a bit nuts with this one. You hardly notice it when wearing them, but it looks a little funky with the cable curled up!

The tube you mount the ear tips to is totally standard, which means you can tap into the wealth of aftermarket tips available online if you cannot get any of the standard Kennerton tips to work for you.
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