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Kingston DataTraveler HyperX USB 3.0 64 GB Review

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Kingston ships their HyperX flash drive in an ordinary plastic mold that has been soldered shut. The unit can be hung on a shelf, and all the important information and the whole unit are visible through the packaging.

A Closer Look

The first thing you will notice is its size. The DataTraveler HyperX is actually quite bulky. Its size is probably required to store all the electronics of an 8 channel configuration. Both the Kingston Logo and the unit branding can be found on the one side of the drive, while the underside is clear of any noticeable markings.

When placed on the optical disk, it becomes apparent how big the HyperX really is, but its cool design and look make it come across as not clumsy at all.

A loop at the rear of the drive allows you to add the flash drive to your key ring and a traditional cap protects the silver USB plug from the forces of everyday wear and tear. Upon closer inspection, you will find three lines covering model, serial, and manufacturing numbers lasered into the connector.

A blue LED, which is invisible when the drive is not in use, lights up upon access. It fits the overall black and blue design perfectly and is bright enough to be seen in every scenario.
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