Kingston DataTraveler HyperX USB 3.0 64 GB 7

Kingston DataTraveler HyperX USB 3.0 64 GB Review

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USB 3.0

When benching the drive with ATTO, it does not manage to turn any heads right away, but it keeps getting faster and faster. Kingston advertises up to 225 MB/s read and 135 MB/s write performance and the DataTraveler HyperX meets both of those numbers. With 227 MB/s read and 133 MB/s write in ATTO, you will get what is advertised. HDTach gives some additional insight into its overall performance with read performance being a steady line well above 220 MB/s and write speed repeating a very interesting pattern. It does reach the same maximum transfer rate as in ATTO, but the average only sits at an excellent 106 MB/s due to the span between maximum and minimum speeds.

USB 2.0

When utilizing the aging USB 2.0 interface, Kingston advertises 30 MB/s read and write performance, and the DataTraveler HyperX hits the write mark and even surpasses 30 MB/s read in ATTO. HDTach paints a similar picture with the drive staying above the 30 MB/s read mark and, due to ups and downs, an average of 27.5 MB/s write, which is still an excellent number for the old standard.
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