Kingston HyperX Predator 2400 MHz C11 2x 4 GB 10

Kingston HyperX Predator 2400 MHz C11 2x 4 GB Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The 8 GB Kingston HyperX Predator 2400 MHz C11 kit is available for $102.99
  • Excellent stock performance
  • Huge heatsink capable of running stock speeds in extreme environments
  • XMP profile at both 2400 MHz and 2133 MHz
  • Wide compatibility with all current systems
  • Excellent price
  • Runs a bit hot and could use a fan when heavily overclocked
  • Large size can interfere with some aftermarket cooling options
  • Not very much overclocking headroom in terms of raw frequency
  • Limited availability
For most users, choosing memory is a very basic thing mainly based on looks rather than functionality. However, ensuring proper cooling is a priority at the high-end of performance, and many DIMMs fail under such conditions. The Kingston HyperX Predator is a wild animal that prowls through those harsh environments, but the abilities that make it so successful are also those holding it back. The large heatsink does pose a problem for most high-end air coolers, and their limited overclocking ability might turn some users off, but combined with cooling that is capable of dealing with the stress that others DIMMs are not capable of handling on their own, the Kingston HyperX Predator DIMMs do have an obvious niche of users whose needs the HyperX Predator sticks meet exceptionally well. The downside that cannot be explained away is their blue color, and not everyone is going to overlook the color when the coolers are so large that they are impossible to ignore, should these sticks be destined for a thematically color-matched build. However, this is truly not something I feel is anything other than simply worth mentioning as blue is one of Kingston's standard company colors. The Kingston HyperX Predator sticks currently also seem to use high-quality Samsung ICs, something that many users will go out of their way to find, so that is another added bonus of these Predator sticks. Got a kit and need help setting it up? Let me know!
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