Kingwin Lazer Platinum 1000 W 3

Kingwin Lazer Platinum 1000 W

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The packaging has a large footprint and on the front it features an illustration of the unit with all modular sockets occupied. Under the "Platinum" word, in the top right corner next to the grey stripe, resides the 80 Plus Platinum badge and right under it, on the bottom side, there is the badge for the five year warranty. As it is used, on the rear side of the box we find many more details about the unit's features while a reference to its specifications is given on one of the packaging's sides. Here we should note that on the rear side we noticed a reference to an LZP-1200 unit, so we should expect in the near future a new 1200W Platinum unit from Super Flower/Kingwin.


The PSU is well protected inside the packaging by two pieces of packing foam and on top of that it is installed in a bubble wrap bag. We would highly prefer if it were stored in a luxurious velvet bag but apparently this would cause a slight price increase, so the more economic bubble wrap was preferred. Thankfully the modular cables are stored in a nylon pouch and the rest of the bundle includes an AC power cord (USA type since this PSU is available only in the US market), a user's manual and a leaflet providing information about the switch that toggles the thermal control system between ECO or normal mode and a set of thumb screws for chassis mounting. Unfortunately there are no Velcro straps or even some zip ties for cable management.


The external looks of the LZP-1000 is nothing extraordinary, except the white fan, but it is nice enough. The finish is grayish and almost glossy, so it is fingerprint prone. Only one of the two sides features a not so fancy decal while the power specifications label is located on the bottom side. On the front side and on top of the AC receptacle we find a small red switch through which someone can toggle between ECO or normal fan operation. According to the manual the pre-selected mode is ECO and we were left quite disappointed by the lack of any explanatory sticker. It would be dead easy to install a sticker explaining the two modes that can be selected through this switch, which as it is highly reminds the voltage selector switch existed in much older PSUs, without APFC circuit. On the rear side we meet the unique modular sockets which are protected by silicone caps. Since all modular sockets are exactly the same as any of the modular cables, featuring the crystal cube connectors, can be connected on any of them.
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