Kingwin LZP-550 Lazer Platinum 550 W 13

Kingwin LZP-550 Lazer Platinum 550 W

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Kingwin LZP-550 retails for $159.99.
  • Ultra high efficiency, currently the most efficient unit we ever tested
  • All major rails are within 3% voltage regulation
  • Almost fanless, fan is off most of the time
  • Ripple/noise suppression is outstanding
  • Flat modular cables help with cable management
  • High price
  • No MOV in the transient filtering stage
  • Small distance between SATA/peripheral connectors
Kingwin's LZP-550 surprised us with its outstanding results. Its efficiency is out of this world, voltage regulation was under 3% at all major rails, ripple/noise almost non-existant, the power supply runs fanless most of the time and on top of that it delivers 650 W with Gold efficiency. Even Gold certified PSUs look weak compared to this model, especially if we take into account efficiency at loads below 100 W. I can't help but wonder, if Super Flower (the OEM of the LZP-550) will be able to make a similar performing high wattage unit (>1000W). If so, then the competition is really screwed.

To sum up, if you want to buy the best available power supply on the market today, in the 550-650 W category, then Kingwin's LZP-550 is worth every penny of its high price. It will power up to two graphics cards effortless and will deliver the highest efficiency available today. If you put it in a case with decent airflow then it would be like having a fanless power supply installed, as the fan will only start spinning beyond a certain temperature. This power supply will be a blessing for everyone out there who hates noise and wants to build a quiet PC system or media PC.
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