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Kingwin Power Force 850 W Review

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We would like to thank Kingwin for supplying the review sample.

Kingwin is a company with vast experience in the computer-component market, given that they have been around since 1992. They currently have ten PSU lines covering all market segments and every user's need. Their newest addition is the Power Force series which, for the moment, only counts one member, the PF-850. This PSU is the only one in their portfolio that has not been produced by their favorite OEM, Super Flower. Instead, they picked Highpower/Sirfa for this particular series, most likely because they wanted to keep the cost as low as possible in order to effectively meet the competition in this price category.

Let's take a look at what the PF-850 can offer users that will prefer it over the rough competition. It, for starters, comes with a five-year warranty, which is uncommon for this category, and it utilizes a semi-modular cabling design for optimal and easy cable management. It is also 80 Plus Bronze certified; a low efficiency level for today's standards, but one that is still popular since it lowers production cost. The PF-850 is also equipped with all protection features, and what is better than that to ensure the best possible protection in case something goes wrong. The unit scores well in the cabling department since it has four PCIe connectors, two EPS connectors that are available at the same time, eight SATA and six peripheral connectors. It does, based on its specifications, look like a decent unit. It may not break any performance records, but that isn't its primary purpose; it targets users that want an affordable, strong and reliable PSU with a long warranty. It will surely meet the competition eye to eye if it manages to pass our hard testing-suite by registering good results.

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