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LEPA G850-MAS 850 W Review

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The PSU comes in a small package featuring a dark background. On the front, we find a photo of the unit's top side, and on the front-right side, LEPA lists the PSU's three most crucial characteristics, namely the Gold efficiency, the modular design, and the DC-DC converters used for the generation of the minor rails. In the bottom right corner are two badges for the efficiency rating and the ErP Lot 6 2013 compliance, although the latter is not in effect yet.

On the two sides of the box are the product's specifications along with a photo of the flat, modular, cables.

The rear side of the box reveals much more detailed information about the PSU, including two photos of its internals, showing the DC-DC converters and the Japanese hold-up caps. There is also a product features description on this side, along with a list of all available connectors. A graph in the top right corner shows the operation of the low-load fanless mode that is only in effect when the load is lower than the 15% of the unit's max-rated capacity, and if the ambient temperature is less than 35°C.


The contents of the box are well protected by thick pieces of packing foam that totally surround the PSU. The latter is also wrapped in a plastic bag for further protection against scratches.

The bundle includes a small pouch holding the modular cables, an AC power cord, a user's manual, and a set of fixing bolts for chassis mounting. Unfortunately, no Velcro straps or zip ties are provided.


The PSU features a nice pale-grey matte finish which is fingerprint proof and fairly resistant to scratches. At the front, we find the classic honeycomb exhaust grill next to the AC receptacle and, right next to it, a small on/off switch. We meet LEPA's trademark on the sides of the PSU, and the the modular PCB with red and black colored sockets on the rear side. The first set is for the PCIe cables, while the latter is for the SATA/peripheral ones. The native cables are fully sleeved back into the housing, and a grommet protects cabling from the rough edge around the cable exit-hole. The specifications label is installed on the bottom side, and we find the octagonal fan grill, featuring LEPA's logo on its center-piece, on the opposite side.
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