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LaCie iamaKey 8 GB Flash Drive Review

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A Closer Look

Even though the metal sheet used to form the key is fairly thin, the tightly joined back and front of the unit result in an excellent construction quality. The company logo has been placed on the top part of the key, while some certification can be found on the key shaft. It is just as thick as most normal keys and the overall shape fits perfectly unto your chain. I have been looking everywhere for an USB flash drive to use on my key chain and this may just be the perfect one for such a scenario.

I was a bit worried about the clear plastic cap, as you may lose it quite easily, but even after travelling from Las Vegas to Austria, getting on multiple flights and thus having to take the key chain out of my pocket numerous times, the protective cover is still in its place.

To give you an idea about the overall size of the key, I placed it on a CD and on my personal key chain. As you can see it looks right at home. It only looks way too clean in comparison to the other keys.
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