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Lamptron Aluminum Case Handles Review

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Packaging & Contents

Lamptron shipped the case handles to me in a small black rectangular cardboard box. On the front is advertised that the handles were designed in Germany and made in China. Lamptron also boasts that these are the best choice for a modder. On the rear is a diagram of the handle design with some dimensions and specifications. Also annotated is the variant received which is silver in this case.

On the top of the box is simply the Lamptron name and the words "Case Handles". On the bottom side of the box there are two cut-out templates that you may use for measurements or as template for drilling your holes during installation. The box itself is rather plain and I am not so sure if it would stand out on the shelf in a store.

Inside the box you will find a pair of the aluminum handles wrapped in plastic as well as the hardware necessary for installing them. The protection for the handles is seemingly on the light side in my opinion. Aluminum is known to scratch fairly easily. Also I will note here that no tools are included for installation.
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