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Lamptron Aluminum Case Handles Review

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A Closer Look

When examining the case handles further I was impressed. The finish is near perfect and completely smooth. The curves and accents are nicely done and everything is symmetrical as it should be considering that they were CNC milled.

The handles seemed very simplistic at first glance however the more I looked over them the more I could appreciate their elegance. They have a certain style such as something you would slap on a Hot Rod. Let us hope they are installed as easy as they are on the eyes.


At this point your case should be empty as to not take a chance in getting any metal shavings on your components. Before we get busy drilling holes in the Xaser case we need to situate the handles where we want them and pull some measurements. My recommendation to you is to try and install them where you will have balance in lifting the load. Remember the templates on the packaging box? If you choose you can cut those out and use them for a template for drilling the holes. However you choose to do so is fine just be sure to measure twice so you can drill once.

If you feel it necessary to use masking tape when drilling feel free to do so. I used a smaller bit to drill a pilot hole before using a 1/4" bit for the final size hole which was a perfect fit for the bolts. When you are finished drilling your holes it is a good idea to file down any rough edges or burs. For each handle we will use two bolts, two washers, two lock washers, and two nuts. The hex tool size that you will need is 5mm.

Simply drop your two bolts through the handle and into the case and then install the hardware mentioned above in that particular order. Tighten everything evenly in combination with a wrench for backup on the nuts. Repeat the process for your second handle. When finished please be sure to take a can of air and blow out the inside of the case entirely to remove any metal debris that could harm your reinstalled components. Take a look at the finished product.

Finished Look

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