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Lancool Dragonlord PC-K58

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Lancool Metal Boned PC-K58 can be had in black for 69,90 € at Caseking, which is a full 30 Euros cheaper than the K62. Expect to find the case for around well under 100 US Dollars plus taxes in the United States.
  • The kicker first: Excellent screw-less system for PSU
  • Excellent screw-less system for expansion slots
  • Eight expansion slots
  • Excellent screw-less system & trays for hard drives
  • Great screw-less system for optical drives
  • Two silent fans included
  • Fairly cheap
  • Dust filters on all intake fans
  • Plenty of space for large parts
  • Very good cable management system
  • External build quality not comparable to Metal Boned or Lian-Li cases
  • No external 3.5 inch bay
  • Only the top two external drive bays screw-less
  • Audio cable too short
The Lancool Dragonlord K58 may not have the full extras of the K62. You only get two black instead of four LED equipped fans, have to make due without the black interior and do not get a window. Sure these may be features some specifically look for, but the majority of users can sleep well at night without these. That makes the K58 a bit more attractive than the K62, as it can be had for a full 30 € less, which denotes 30% savings. That said, it still comes with the same structural shortcomings as the bigger version. Starting out, you may be really disappointed after unpacking the case. The plastic feels quite weak in many areas and there are some places which may not withstand the cruelty of the postman. This is certainly where the frustration starts. While these are the most obvious downfalls, there are a few less annoying ones, like the missing 3.5 inch bay or the short audio cable. But, no matter how disappointed you will be with the exterior build quality, considering the Lian Li roots of the chassis, it really shines with inner values. Nay, let me rephrase that, it rocks big time!
This is the first chassis which manages to apply screw-less systems to every area of the case. From the hard drives - which is something we have gotten used to from Lian Li, to the external drive bays. Then Lancool tops things off with metal locks for the expansion slots, while adding an eighth slot for good measure and if that does not get your PC enthusiast heart beating faster - the Dragonlord K62 even does away with screws for the power supply. Last, but not least it sprinkles some dust filters and some cable management features into the mix.
So the Lancool Dragonlord K58 deserves the Editor's Choice award, as it does away with a few non-esssential features, keeps all the mind blowing innovation but pushes the price well into the sub 100 US Dollar area, in which the above shortcomings do not nearly annoy as much and one should be left with a very satisfied feeling after buying this case.
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