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Lancool Dragonlord PC-K62 Review

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The Lancool Dragonlord K62 ships in a full color box. Both adjacent sides have the same print on them. The larger one features an image of the chassis, along with a few close-up shots, while the side also shows an image along with a list of specifications. Lancool has decided to hold the chassis in place by Styrofoam spacers and place it in a blue plastic bag to further protect it. If you look closely, the Styrofoam has cracked, so this package was not handled with care by the carrier. There are no obvious drop marks anywhere on the interior or exterior of the package though.


You will receive a manual in form of a single sheet along with all the needed screws, a mainboard speaker along with a plastic cable management clip. Lancool also adds a single Molex adapter to connect one of the four included cooling units directly to the power supply as well as a large metal contraption which is used to lock the power supply in place. Yes - a screwless system for the PSU.
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