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Leetgion El'Druin RPG Gaming Mouse Review

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The Package

Leetgion's El'Druin ships in a large box. You can see the mouse once the sleeve of the box has been removed, but there is no way to grip the mouse.

The bundle includes everything you would need and then some. Leetgion jumped on the customization bandwagon and is shipping four different palm plates with the El'Druin. They come in two different sizes and with two different feels. The two black plates have a soft-touch satin finish, while the two silver plates come with a plain finish.

Closer Examination

Like the Helion mouse from Leetgion, it definitely has its own look. This mouse is aimed at Diablo III players and its style probably includes everything a diehard Diablo III gamer would love. It is made for a fingertip grip which means that the palm plate only gives a limited amount of support.

Leetgion included a novel feature on the El'Druin. Instead of a normal thumb-button layout, they have made what they call an S-Pad (like a D-Pad on your Playstation controller). It does not have analogue detection and effectively gives your thumb five buttons to operate.

Although this mouse is meant for MMOs like Diablo III, the bottom of the mouse has a lot of material, so it will probably last you for a very long time.

The cable has a relatively soft braided sleeve and comes with an integrated cable binder, which is neat.

Size-wise, the Leetgion El'Druin is almost as big as the new Func MS-3 mouse. The size is close to perfect for finger-type control, because it allows the S-Pad to be positioned nicely; however, you have to adjust your grip to the mouse in order to get it to work.

Leetgion opted for another scroll wheel on the other side of the mouse, for quick in-game DPI changes. Whether the switch is usable depends a lot on your gaming style and grip. Personally, I find it hard to use anything on the sidewall opposite to my thumb.

The scroll wheel area is uncluttered, which is a nice change from other mice.

The build quality of both cable and mouse is quite nice; it is definitely on par with most modern high-end gaming mice.
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