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Lexar 8 GB Class 2 SDHC Review

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Lexar's storage solutions have an immensely good reputation among enthusiasts, so the expectations for their newest SDHC card solutions are very high. Today we will be taking a look at their entry level 8 GB SDHC card. It is a Class 2 SDHC card which means that it is capable of maintaining 2 MB/s continuously write speeds.

SDHC is the successor to the older Secure Digital or SD standard. Form factor wise they are both exactly the same, but the SDHC standard allows for much greater storage capacity and speeds. SDHC is implemented in most new cameras and portable media players. Besides the capacity upgrade over normal SD cards the speed rating system has been changed from the old X-rating to the much easier comprehensible class system, where the class x defines the sustainable write speed the cards are capable of.


  • Affordable high-capacity performance and reliability
  • Designed for use in SDHC-enabled digital cameras and devices
  • Built-in erasure prevention switch keeps data safe
  • Speed-rated at Class 2
  • Five-year limited warranty
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