Lexar JumpDrive P10 32 GB USB 3.0 6

Lexar JumpDrive P10 32 GB USB 3.0

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Lexar ships the P10 in the same elaborate package as the Triton. It is made of clear plastic and utilizes both cardboard and plastic, which allows potential customers to look at the entire unit with its USB plug extended. A bit of marketing text on the rear also details why you should go ahead and grab yourself this flash drive.

There is not a lot you will get with the JumpDrive P10, though the unit is of the high-end price spectrum. A simply string to attach it to your key chain is all there is. I would have liked to see a more durable method of attaching the JumpDrive P10 to anything of your choice as the included method is not very solid. Both the loss of such an investment and any data on it would certainly hurt.

A Closer Look

Taking a look at the JumDrive P10, it also looks identical to the Triton, but the internals have according to Lexar been updated to offer much faster performance. The top of the P10 utilizes black, mirror-finished plastic and holds the brand name. Turning the unit around reveals the back, and the unibody shell giving this stick its weight and a lot of stability. A little loop-hole allows you to attach the drive to your keychain with an included lanyard.

A simple but effective sliding mechanism protects the USB connector. It snaps into place once extended fully, so it may be forced into the host connector without retracting on its own. The capacity label is, interestingly enough, only revealed once the connector is fully visible—a, in my humble opinion, nice design-specific touch.

The loophole is part of the unibody design, so you won't have to worry about it breaking off. Odds are the string attaching the JumpDrive P10 to your keychain will fail first. Laser edging above the loophole shows that the flash drive is actually assembled in the USA, not Asia. The number 1613 denotes that the unit was constructed during the 16th week of 2013. In terms of size, the flash drive can be considered pretty standard; it is just as big as any other traditional unit on the market today, albeit slightly bulkier.

While the LED in the Triton lights up white, Lexar switched over to red in the JumpDrive P10, so those in the know will spot the faster drive simply by looking at it while it is up and running.
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