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Lexar JumpDrive S73 32 GB USB 3.0 Review

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USB 3.0

The S73 is only slightly faster than high-performance USB 2.0 drives. The unit maxes out at 45 MB/s, which is exactly the speed that Lexar advertises. In terms of write performance, the S73 hits a for its price segment good 36 MB/s.

The numbers are a bit different in HDTach. The S73 does, just like the Triton, act up a little bit. While read performance is pretty constant and results in an average of 45 MB/s, its write speed is a roller coaster between 37MB/s and 4 MB/s. This results in an average of 17.9 MB/s write speed. So Lexar was, all in all, pretty close with their advertised speeds.

The S73 is, since this is an entry level USB 3.0 flash drive, at the bottom of our comparison charts, but it still offers a speed advantage over USB 2.0 drives. The same goes for write speeds, where it does beat the ADATA N005 drive by 1 MB/s.

USB 2.0

On USB 2.0, the JumpDrive S73 is just as erratic when it comes to write speeds, but ends up delivering 35 MB/s read and just above 15 MB/s write. The spikes for write speed do, at times, reach 32 MB/s, and the S73's incredibly low dips do destroy its average performance.
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