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Lexar Professional 8GB 300x UDMA Compact Flash Review

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The Package

Lexar ships the Compact Flash card in a fairly large, square, cardboard box. It is also shrink-wrapped and can be hung up on a store shelf. The front clearly reads "Lexar Professional" and "UDMA". It notes not only the popular multiplier but a real MB/s performance number, which is 45 MB/s for this card according to Lexar. The back lists all the highlights of the card in multiple languages.

Inside the outer shell is another cardboard box, which holds a plastic tray in which the memory unit has been placed.


Behind this tray are two little booklets with warranty information and instructions on how to aquire the advertised software, listed on their website. It would have been nice for the application to be included on the memory device or on a traditional CD/DVD.
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