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Lian-Li Armorsuit PC-P60 Review

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Lian-Li packs the Armorsuit P60 in a full color box. This is different than other packages for mainstream Lian-Li cases. Those are kept in the natural brown color of the packaging material. The front of the box shows the P60 case and lists the most important features. The rear has various images, going into further detail on these features. One side simply features an image of the P60, while the other holds all the specifications of the chassis.

The case is secured with very solid foam spacers. To further protect it from scratches, the case has been placed inside a heavy duty plastic bag.


You will find a simple instruction manual and a promotional pamphlet inside the package. Lian-Li also includes all screws in seperate bags, so you will not need to dig around in one big bag. A few zip ties and a screw driver are also part of the package.
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