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Lian Li DK-02X Review

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I would like to thank Lian-Li for supplying the review sample.

Lian Li is known for making some very elaborate aluminum cases, and the company has also offered actual work desks made of the material in the past. But those were large, not very fashionable, and geared toward those who wanted something fancy in their office. The DK range of enclosures come in different sizes and offers a cleaner, simpler look that works in an office, or as a reception desk in a more public surrounding. While we have reviewed fairly traditional Lian Li enclosures in the past, the DK-02X represents an extreme departure into what could be done while still offering some viable functionality.

The "X" in the "DK-02X", like all of Lian Li's cases signifies that the chassis is anodized black inside and out. As of now the DK-02X and the DK-02 are the same case. This might change if Lian Li comes out with a silver version (which would be named DK-02A), but there are no plans for this at this time.


Lian Li DK-02X
MATERIAL:Aluminum & Tempered Glas
WEIGHT: 45kg
SLOTS:System 1: 2
System 2: 8
DRIVE BAYS:1x External Slim ODD x1 or Internal 2.5" HDD x1"
System 1: 8x Internal 2.5/3.5"
System 2: 9x Internal 2.5/3.5"
System 1: Mini-ITX
System 2: Micro-ATX, ATX. XL-ATX, E-ATX, HPTX
DIMENSIONS (WxHxD):1250 x 805/835 x 600 mm
Keyboard tray: 1150 x 50 x 240 mm
FRONT FANS:120mm x 4
REAR FANS:120mm x 2 (pre-installed)
SIDE FANS:120mm Fan x 3 on each side (included)
I/O for each System:3x USB 3.0
1x Headphone
1x Microphone
FAN/LED Controller:N/A
Compatibility System 1:CPU Cooler: 175mm
GPU: 300mm
PSU: 160mm
Compatibility System 1:CPU Cooler: 175mm
GPU: 400mm
PSU: 400mm
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