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Thanks to Xoxide for packaging the case so it didn't damage during shipping.

Lian Li is a company that seems to specialize in case development in every aspect, from original designs to craftsmanship at the highest level. Their cases have become center pieces always mentioned when someone suggests a case. Their cases are not flashy with LEDs, but they have an attractive element of their own. The PC-65B's black brush-finished aluminum shell holds a certain grasp over onlookers. It's one of those things that a little voice in your head tells you to touch.


Specifications from Manufacturer Lian-Li
Type:ATX Mid Tower
External 5.25" Bays:4
External 3.5" Bays:3
Internal 3.5" Bays:5
PCI Slots:7
Front Ports:2 USB
Fans:80mm x 4
Dimensions:210x450x490 mm ( W,H,D)


The case is packed securely in the box. The Styrofoam prevents the case from damage during shipping which is a problem with buying cases online.

What you see above are accessories, one a 5.25" cd-rom bezel, which is made of the same brushed aluminum as the case and the other is floppy drive bezel which is just plastic. The installation of both was very easy, the 5.25" bezel had screw holes that matched perfectly with the case. The floppy bezel popped right into the 3.5" drive bay.

[img] (Custom).jpg[/img]
Above are the extra screws/tools that are included with the case. They provide you with a tool to remove the hexagonal bits from the case or to put them in place.
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