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Lian-Li PC-65B Review

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Case Layout

The PC-65B is essentially a mid-atx tower with 3 floppy bays and 4 cd-rom bays and a side panel window. It also has a removable motherboard tray, a rack mount hard drive tray, and a removable PSU bracket.

Side panel

Top of case

Back of case

Front of case

Side Window

Cooling System

One great feature about this case is its stealth fan controller. It hooks up to two 26.4 cfm 23db fans. The great thing is you can toss in your own two 80mm fans and hook them up to the controller. Provided with the case are two more fans one up top to exhaust air and one in the upper back section to do the same thing.

Fan Controller

Two front fans

Two front fans from the inside

Top fan

Top fan from the inside
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