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Lian Li PC-90B 'The Hammer' Review

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Lian Li packs the PC-90 in a sturdy, plain cardboard box. A simple drawing on the larger sides of the package and the specifications on the side is the only information you will receive. Lian Li calls the chassis 'The Hammer' - which seems to be an adequate description, as this is the most compact HPTX chassis on the market.

The Hammer is held in place by thick Styrofoam spacers and protected from fingerprints and scratches by a plastic bag.


You will receive a rather extensive set of extras with the chassis. A plastic box will hold the unused screws. These screws ship in multiple separate bags and you will also receive the small parts needed to use for the expansion card holder along with a USB 3.0 to 2.0 adapter. This adapter is of the basic variety, which only seems to fit into the default 20-pin connector with quite some force. Last, but not least, you will also get a detailed manual and a marketing flyer.
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