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Lian Li PC-A10B Review

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The package that the PC-A10 comes in is huge. This is going to be your first clue as to the sheer size and roominess of this case. The side of the box shows a brief description of the features and specifications.

Upon opening the package we can see how nice and safe everything is. The case is wrapped tightly in a heavy blue bag, while everything is secured by large pieces of dense foam reinforced by heavy cardboard. This is not Styrofoam, and it will not leave a huge mess on your floor when removing the case from the box.

Inside the case you should find a small piece of brown paper. At first glance you might think that someone at the factory put a piece of garbage in your case before boxing it up, but that is incorrect. This is actually a special kind of paper used to help control moisture and prevent corrosion. Since these cases get shipped to other countries by boat, it is imperative to use measures like this to ensure the case arrives in pristine condition.


Inside the case you will find a small box taped securely to the lower partition. Inside that box you will find the typical array of screws, stand-offs, and keys (for the lockable front panel). The more unusual items found in this box are some clips and plastic ties to help with cable management, special screws and rubber spacers for mounting HDD’s and fans, and extra thumbscrews. Also included in the box is a special cable to allow the power switch to turn on both power supplies (if that option is used), as well as an extension cable for the P4 connector. The P4 extension cable is a nice touch since the PSU gets mounted below the motherboard. It would be nice to see two of these cables included as some new motherboards and PSUs would require them. Another nice touch is the inclusion of a nut-driver to aid in the installation of the motherboard stand-offs.

Also included in the package is a double-sided black and white sheet with instructions showing how to assemble the case and install components, as well as a full color sheet that shows the available Lian Li models and accessories.
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