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Lian Li PC-B71 & Silent Force 650W Review

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Silent Force 650 W PSU

Packaging & Contents

CaseKing kindly send us one of the new Lian Li power supplies to show you guys. While I have taken a look at the Maxima Force unit in the last Lian Li review, this time around I get to take the 650 W Silent Force for a ride. This family of PSUs ranges from 650 to 850 W and feature detachable cables. The unit ships in a full color package with a small handle. The rear holds all the features of the PSU.

You will find the actual specs on the side of the package, while the bottom has a list of what connectors you will get and also what these plugs look like.

The Silent Force is packaged just as perfect as the Maxima Force - encased in a foam box with the cables neatly packaged to the side of the power supply.

The afore mentioned, detachable cables ship in a small, zip up bag and you get the usual power cable and set of screws to hold the unit in place.

ConnectorsMain Power5.25"FloppyCPUSerialATAPCI-E Aux Power
ATX 20+4 Pin424 & 8 Pin61x 6 Pin & 1x 6+2 Pin

A Closer Look

The Silent Force 650 W power supply is a tad bit longer than your usual OEM unit and features a 135 mm fan - a step up from the 120 mm of the Maxima Force 470 W. You can clearly see the copper heatsinks within the power supply. This seems to be a trade mark for the Lian Li PSUs as even the Maxima Force had these as well. All the cables are sleeved, so you won't have to worry about a possible cable mess in your case.

The label is located on the one side which you should be able to view even after installation. If you look closely, the Silent Force features two high power 25A rails instead of keeping within the ATX specifications of 18A a rail. This is not a bad feature however, as there are plenty of manufacturers with only one big rail instead for example.

The air vent in the rear will let all the air pass nicely and there is a large power switch, so you should be able to easily feel for it when reaching to the rear of the chassis. Turning the unit over, there are six plugs to connect the included power cables to. The 4 and 8 pin P4 connector and the 24 pin ATX plug are firmly attached to the PSU. This is also the first unit which does not have a 20 + 4 pin combination for the ATX connector. Lian Li has chosen to use one solid 24 pin piece instead.
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