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As is the case with most Lian Li enclosures, the PC-D8000 ships in a plain cardboard box with a basic image of the chassis and the name on both large sides. The small sides have the specifications of the PC-D8000. There are also two carrying holes to aid with transportation.

The case is held in place by two fairly thin foam spacers. These spacers seem inadequate for a chassis of this size, and you should really check to see if the chassis arrives in pristine condition. I would like to see slightly bigger spacers covering more of the chassis to ensure the unit arrives without a single scratch or dent. A heavy duty plastic bag has been applied to the chassis to protect it from fingerprints and scratches. I should mention that we were not the first ones to receive this particular sample for review, as some German colleagues had a go at it before us. Any scratches and fingerprints you may see in pictures we took can then not be faulted to Lian Li.


As with every high-end Lian Li chassis, you get an assortment of screws. These usually come neatly packaged away in individual bags, along with an empty plastic box for the remaining parts. As our chassis has been used already, some of the small parts no longer had a bag. The PC-D8000 does not ship with a single fan out of the box, but you do get fan grills for any you end up installing. We got six of these, though Lian Li usually only ships five. Looks like our German colleagues packed up one too many. You will also receive a USB 3.0 to 2.0 adapter and the usual assortment of paper.
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