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Lian-Li PC-G50B Review

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Package & Contents

The cardboard box is quite massive and there is only a blue writing with the Lian Li logo and slogan on top. The bottom part has a big sticker, which states the model and color in big white writing. That way the case cannot be mistaken for the wrong model. Once opened the case top was revealed. with two sides covered in Styrofoam for protection. The case itself was covered with a transparent, blue plastic bag.

Besides the case itself, Lian Li has included a white box inside the case. Inside that there are a few cable binders, a cable holder, plenty of screws, mainboard stand-offs and even a hex screw driver to screw the stand-offs in comfortably. Since the Lian Li case uses normal stand-offs, the screwdriver will come in handy with other cases in the future. A very nice touch indeed.

Lian Li also dropped an illustrated manual into the plastic bag. While only one page (Chinese on one side, English on the other), it covers everything you need to know. In addition to that, a similar sheet in color with the Lian Li products was included (Cases on one side, accessories on the other). It should be interesting to note that the PC-G50 case could not be found anywhere on that sheet.
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