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Lian Li PC-TU200

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A Closer Look - Outside

The case itself is not lined with any plastic, just the handle has some foam wrapped around it. In terms of design, the case really looks like a flight case with a handle. The reinforced corners and lined edges act as reinforcements to the chassis. The fact that these are made of Aluminum also means that they scratch just as easily as the rest of the chassis however.

Lian Li has not really changed too much on the overall looks of the chassis. The only air vent present is found on the front, along with the Lian Li logo. In the rear, the chassis looks much like the PC-Q08, with the PSU next to the mainboard. But unlike the Q08, things are a bit more compact, with even less clearing for coolers. Both sides of the TU200 are completely solid, so this chassis should encapsulate sound quite nicely.

The I/O has been placed in the front of the chassis. Considering the price and limited external expansion options, the two USB 3.0, pair of audio connectivity and eSATA plug may not be enough for some. I would have liked to see something along the lines of an SDHC card reader for example, to put the internal USB headers of the motherboard to good use. In the middle a square air vent allows for fresh air to be pulled inside the case by the 140 mm fan. Above that is the one and only 5.25" drive bay with a matching cover.

Turning the TU200 around, we have the two motherboard expansion slots on the very bottom. Seems like the mainboard is installed standing up, just like in a traditional case, as the opening for the backplate is right above these. Lian Li also uses a frame for the PSU, allowing you to push the unit into the chassis from the rear of the case - something that will come in handy when assembling the entire system. Both sides are held in place by clips and pins instead of screws, thus a mechanism is in place to pop these off the chassis in both corners of the case. You may screw these down, so you won't end up opening things by mistake.

Four domes on the underside act as feet, while a large 140 mm dust filter can also be found on the underside. This one protects the air vent and may easily be removed for cleaning.
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