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Lian Li PC-TU200

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A Closer Look - Inside

On the insides, everything is where you would expect it to be, as the TU200 mimics the layout of a mid-tower with the exception of the PSU bay. Lian Li has included a SATA PCB for all 3.5 inch drives and uses an actual motherboard tray instead of forcing the user to install the board on the actual side panel of the chassis. These two aspects should really help out in the assembly process and in keeping things clean within the compact enclosure.

The TU200 may hold four 3.5" drives in the cage, with the possibility of putting a single 2.5 inch drive into one of these bays instead. You may remove the entire cage, which reveals another 2.5 inch placement on the floor of the chassis. Those who want to build a gaming rig, will be able to remove the cage, use an SSD and attach a 140 mm radiator to the fan. This would allow you to use a high-end CPU in combination with a powerful graphics card. The ODD bay is nothing out of the ordinary and requires traditional screws to hold a unit in place.

Turning our focus to the rear, the two motherboard expansion bays are protected with separate covers. A sliding lock mechanism further holds any of the expansion cards in place. Above that are the afore mentioned openings for PSU and backplate. You may install the power supply with the fan facing the motherboard or the side wall of the chassis. I suggest you use the PSU to pull air out of the interior.

The simple air vent in the underside will give high end graphics cards access to fresh air. You cannot install a fan here though, as the mounting holes are not present.

All the cables within the TU200 are of the standard variety. While the case ones are colorful, Lian Li has ensured, that the I/O cables are all sleeved black.
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